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Can Kushala es un centro de yoga ubicado en el pueblo de Vila Franca de Penedes...........

Can Kushala is the ideal place to find your own body-mind balance.

Synonymous of wellness, let yourself be taken care of by nature in an incomparable environment: make yours a unique space of personal growth impregnated with peace and harmony, filled with vital vibration. Here, you can breathe fresh air every moment, eat a healthy meal made with lots of love and meet people full of passion to make this a real and unforgetable experience to immerse yourself.

Can Kushala is a new center located in Font Rubì (near Vilafranca de Penedés) where you can practice any kind of activity to heal your body in a harmonious way without coercion.

The house has three double rooms and two triples rooms, all with private bathroom, a dorm with 8 beds, kitchen, dining room, lounge, a shala with capacity for 20 people and a beautiful forest with 25 hectares where forest baths and much more will happen. Open your mind, prepare your body, sharpen your senses.

Discover a new and authentic Can Kushala experience! Are you ready for transformation?

Connect with the universal vibration in that path of transformation that takes you to your own center and let the aroma of wellbeing permeate your life.

In Can Kushala, inspire yourself.




The first chakra is our physical, ancestral and vital root. Associated with the color red and with the earth element, the first of the energy centers that identifies the anatomy of yoga is related to our safety and survival. It is located at the base of the spine and it can be said that it is our root, what gives us physical and emotional roots.

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